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◼️ Validity: One year
◼️ Instant delivery within one minute
◼️ Shared premium for one device use
◼️ Money back warrenty of uninterrupted services


Difference between free & premium Quillbot

A free account receives basic access to all of our tools. A Premium account has a paid subscription, and receives additional benefits. Let’s break it down.

◼️ Free account: A free account is, well, free to use. These accounts have access to two modes, three Synonyms settings, and may paraphrase up to 150 words at once. They may also summarize 1200 words at once and use our available extensions. Not bad, huh?

◼️ Premium account: Premium or paid accounts get the same features as free users, as well as additional features only available to Premium users, that are:

  • Increased character limit: Premium accounts may paraphrase unlimited words, and summarize up to 6000 words at once.
  • Four additional modes: Creative, Formal, Shorten, and Expand modes are unlocked with a Premium account.
  • The highest Synonyms setting: The highest setting lets you replace the most words possible using the Synonyms tool.
  • Faster processing: Premium accounts have their text paraphrased faster.
  • Compare Modes: This feature allows Premium users to see a single sentence in multiple modes at once to compare results.
  • Freeze Words: Premium accounts have the ability to prevent the paraphraser from changing certain words or phrases.
  • Show longest unchanged words: This allows Premium users to see the longest section of text that remains the same as the original after paraphrasing.

Shared access, Personal Account

1 review for Quillbot

  1. Amelia

    So thankful to VRC, You guys are doing amazing job and facilite students like me with cost effective products.

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